This comprehensive online sales program will ensure that you directly impact your bottom line with each and every sales & marketing decision you make. 

Specifically designed for tourism businesses just like yours, this proven model will give you the clarity and confidence to focus on what really matters.

As an owner, manager or sales manager of a tourism business...

  • Do you frequently feel overwhelmed by the amount of decisions you have to make on a daily and a weekly basis?

  • Do you often doubt yourself when making decisions on how to spend your sales & marketing budget?

  • Do you get to the end of day and feel that you’ve been unproductive, because you’ve been too busy being busy?!

If so... then FOCUS FIRST© is for you!

FOCUS FIRST© was developed with tourism businesses like yours in mind. This comprehensive online tourism sales programme will help you to: 

#1: gain clarity around how to spend your time, money & resources, directly increasing your productivity and enhancing your sales results

#2: think more strategically, allowing you to boost your profits by cutting through the noisy world of tourism sales & marketing messages in a proactive and planned way  

#3: increase confidence in your overall business approach, reducing your uncertainty around planning for sales growth

Finally! A proven model for boosting the sales you want, in a way that suits your business... so you can enjoy more profit, more free time and the sales success that you deserve! 

Ann Ward, XHale

Ann Ward, XHale

'"I loved Kate's style of delivery and holistic approach to development. The course was excellent and has given me new focus, clarity and vision. It has given me the confidence I needed to develop new sales and marketing solutions to raise Xhale onto the platform it deserves."

A Proven Model!

Used as the basis of open workshops and private consultative sessions with over 500 tourism businesses, the FOCUS FIRST© formula has been honed over the last 5 years for maximum impact.

Now, as a NEW online course, you can complete the modules at your own pace and to suit your schedule.

The 4 modules are delivered in 28 short videos, allowing you to stop, start & re-watch as you wish. And with 7 printable workbooks, you apply the learnings as you go, and take as much or as little time as you need before completing the next module. 

FOCUS FIRST© is studio recorded and professionally produced, with diagrams, bulleted lists and examples prompting you throughout. It’s practical and structured approach is easy to use, and directly applicable to your business from the very first module.

Joyce Anderson, Lagan Boat Company

Joyce Anderson, Lagan Boat Company

"Thank you Kate! Even though I've only done 2 modules, I'm thoroughly enjoying the course so far and am already seeing results!

The content is really worthwhile and doing this course now is so timely... as I have been trying to get started on working ON the business rather than just IN the business... and this has now given me no excuse!!"
Myrtle Haugh, Kribben Cottages

Myrtle Haugh, Kribben Cottages

"I found this course with Kate to be incredibly helpful! Her strategic review was very structured and enabled me to help identify new value, creating new opportunities for my business.

Kate’s style of presentation and the workbooks encouraged me to apply everything to my business. I am now more focused and have made long term plans for my business.

A Practical and Powerful Process

The FOCUS FIRST© course can be completed in as little as 3 weeks... but I would recommend that you take up to 8 weeks (allowing 2 weeks per module) to gain true value. Simply block off the time each week to focus on the content and more importantly the application of the learnings. Working through this programme will increase not only your focus, but also your knowledge in the crucial areas needed for you to grow your sales.

BUT... Knowledge is not Power! ACTION is Power!

Simply purchasing this programme will NOT automatically and drastically increase your sales! YOU have to do something with it. YOU have to absorb and apply the key learnings and tweak them to suit your own business.

It is not a complicated process. In fact it is incredibly simple! But the impact will be in direct proportion to the effort you put in.

Having been fortunate enough to travel all over the world as a child and teenager, Kate caught the travel bug and has never managed to shake it! 

As a tourist, an expat and a seasoned traveller all her life.... Kate not only knows what tourists want, but how they buy, why they buy and who they buy from. 

Now in the tourism industry for nearly 20 years, Kate has worked with over 500 tourism businesses and 26 tourism destinations to help them to increase profits, in less time and with less stress.

Having dealt with every conceivable struggle, challenge and objective that tourism professionals encounter, both personally and professionally, Kate has designed FOCUS FIRST© to help you to:-

  • reduce overwhelm... while boosting productivity

  • reduce stress... while boosting confidence

  • reduce wasted time, money and energy... while boosting profits

Marie Slattery, Head of Sales & Marketing, Shannon Group

Marie Slattery, Head of Sales & Marketing, Shannon Group

"Kate is just super. Her clarity and strategic thought process is just invaluable.

Enrol in FOCUS FIRST© now for just $595

Mark Rodgers, Dalriada Kingdom Tours

Mark Rodgers, Dalriada Kingdom Tours

"I had very little experience of marketing and the thought of a course which was so specific was a little daunting. I can genuinely say that this course was the best learning experience I have ever had. Kate has a lovely relaxed manner and explains everything so well.

I was able to understand and implement the strategic approach to marketing my business that Kate teaches without being overwhelmed. Attention to detail and clearly delivered instructions are given in a warm and friendly way, which means I really enjoyed the course. I did everything I was advised to do by Kate and the results are tangible.

My business has significantly increased, more people are aware of my company and what I do, and I am attracting the specific type of customer I identified while doing the course. I tell everyone... if you get a chance to do one of Kate’s courses, grab it with both hands!